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Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) capabilities get the right data into the right hands, help plot the course, hold teams accountable, and drive confident decisions.


FP&A Org Chart

The Business Data and Financial Analysis Backbone

Vice President of Finance, FP&A Manager, FP&A/Business/Data Analysts. These positions, within the Office of the CFO, represent the "FP&A Stack" that forms the data and financial analysis hubs of large organizations.

Historically, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have lacked access to FP&A. The FP&A stack is expensive, and there may not be enough need to justify staffing at all levels. The result? Businesses pay too much for what they need, suffer through limited functionality and inefficient processes, or simply go without.

Those days are over.


Not just for large companies any more.

First Water, through the innovative Relational Finance model, has created flexible and cost-efficient access for SMBs to activate and amplify a range of FP&A capabilities. Read more about these capabilities below. 

First Water FP&A Capabilities


KPI Dashboards & Business Intelligence 

Get the right data in the right hands for the right dialogue. Aggregate, transform, and visualize data for actionable insights. Learn more here.


Forecasting, Scenario Analysis & Budgeting

Set the course and define the goal posts. Quickly assess scenarios and drive credibility with stakeholders and capital partners. Learn more here.


Cash & Working Capital Visibility

Cash is King. Be proactive with customers, vendors, lenders, and expense decisions before a spark becomes a five-alarm fire. Learn more here.


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